12-04-2020 7:30 am -5:00 pm

Steels are by far the most commonly used structural alloys: worldwide, steel production reached 1808 million tons in 2018, which is more than all other metal production combined. Steels form the basis of the infrastructure of our most critical industries, from construction to automotive, packaging and energy. However, as a result, steel production and use also create the strongest impact on environment. Design efforts that enable steels to do more, with less, for longer, are required to address this challenge. To this end, an important concern is damage-susceptibility, which arises from the presence of multiple phases in steels, with different mechanical characteristics. Several opportunities exist through alloy and microstructure design, to control strain partitioning and localization tendencies in steels, and in turn, the damage micro-mechanisms. In this regard, metastability-assisted steels provide the greatest spectrum of possibilities, but also, the most complex scientific challenges. In the Alloy Design 2020 workshop, we will discuss the most recent ideas to push the limits of metastability-engineering, towards steels with superior damage resistance.

2020 Alloy Design Workshop Agenda and Registration

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