Materials Day

Materials Day is the capstone event for MRL. The symposium and poster session are usually held in October. Speakers from industry as well as MIT professors present their latest research.

Mat Day

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Previous years topics include:

Opportunity Brief
2021 Role of Materials in Addressing Climate Change & Sustainability
2019 Machine Learning in Materials Research
2018   pdf Materials Research at the Nanoscale (2.37 MB)
2017   pdf Frontiers in Materials Research (12.02 MB)
2016   pdf Materials For Electrochemical Energy Storage (1.83 MB)
2015   pdf Quantum Materials (2.49 MB)
2014   pdf New Frontiers in Metal Processing (4.49 MB)
2013   pdf Photonic Materials (3.45 MB)
2012   pdf Materials for Energy Harvesting (627 KB)
2011   pdf Computational Materials (3.48 MB)
2010   pdf Materials for Sensors (4.65 MB)
2009   pdf Materials for Energy (7.88 MB)
2008   pdf Nanostructure to Infrastructure to Sustainability (3.06 MB)
2007   pdf Thin Films and Coatings: Designed and Processed to Enhance Function and Performance (707 KB)
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