Office Keys

Request an Office Key Access
To acquire key access, you must complete the electronic request through Atlas in addition to completing the MRL Office Key Form.

To submit a request in Atlas:
1. Select Service Request
2. Select Create Request
3. Select Keys option on the bottom, right-hand side of the listed options.
4. Complete the required information for your key request.

Expect an automated email as soon as your request has been approved. When your key is ready to be picked up, your will receive a second email from the MIT key office letting you know that you may pick up your key in room 7-019.

Transfer Keys
All keys transfers must be recorded with the MRL office. If you have keys for a particular lab/office and you wish to transfer them to another person, you MUST fill out a MRL Key Transfer Form and bring it to Lars Llorente in room 13-2014.

Returning Keys
You are responsible for the keys that you have been issued. All keys, upon end of use, must be returned to the key office in 7-019 unless the above key transfer will be done.

Lost and Stolen Keys
It is your responsibility to immediately report the loss or theft of all keys to the MRL office in 13-2014 and to the MIT Key Office in 7-019.

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