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Summer Scholar Update: Erica E. Eggleton Featured

Erica Eggleton Sample 6515 DP March 2019

2016 MIT Summer Scholar Erica Eggleton worked in the lab of MIT Professor Krystyn Van Vliet on lithium manganese oxide (LMO) electrodes for lithium ion batteries. Here, she measures out carbon powder, a binder, and LMO, the active powder used in the battery electrodes. Photo, Denis Paiste, MIT Materials Research Laboratory.

What graduate program are you currently pursuing?

I am a second-year PhD student in the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Washington.

Have you had any articles published related to your MIT Summer Scholar experience?

I was one of the co-authors of a February 2017 report in Advanced Energy Materials by first author Frank Grogan and senior author Krystyn Van Vliet, the Michael (1949) and Sonja Koerner Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Associate Provost at MIT. This paper reported on the mechanical properties of a sulfide-based solid electrolyte material and its performance when incorporated into lithium-ion batteries. I contributed to this work as a Summer Scholar through MIT Materials Research Laboratory’s National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) program.

University of Washington chemical engineering graduate student Erica Eggleton interned as an MIT Summer Scholar during 2016.

What awards have you received?

I was one of the graduate students selected as a 2019 Clean Energy Institute Fellow and a National Science Foundation Research Trainee (NRT) in data science at the University of Washington. These awards enable my current research on developing a battery and vehicle model to predict the state of health of lithium-ion battery packs in King County Metro’s hybrid electric bus fleet using geographic information system (GIS) data.

What about your MIT Summer Scholar experience was most enjoyable?

One of the most memorable and inspiring moments from my experience was touring various labs around MIT's campus and learning about the vast amount of research being done.

How did your MIT Summer Scholars experience contribute to getting you where you are today?

The MIT Summer Scholars program reassured me that I wanted to go to graduate school. I had the opportunity to form connections with people at MIT and with the other scholars from across the country. I also got valuable hands-on experience with various experimental techniques and contributed to a publication.

What are your future plans or ambitions?

My future ambitions are driven by my passion for advancing clean energy technologies. I currently imagine doing this through teaching and advocating for science policy.

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