Summer Scholar Update: Katharine Greco Featured

Summer Scholar Katharine Greco Spain January 2019 Web
MIT Chemical Engineering graduate student Katharine Greco spent the 2019 Independent Activities Period (IAP) conducting research in the Molecular Nanotechnology Lab at the University of Alicante in Spain. Her work is part of a collaboration to develop next generation electrodes for redox flow batteries.

What graduate program are you currently pursuing?
I am pursuing a PhD in Chemical Engineering at MIT, and have already earned my Master's degree in Chemical Engineering Practice (MSCEP). I am currently studying transport in flow battery electrodes in the Brushett group.

What awards have you received?
I was a Presidential Scholar coming in to MIT. I also have a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.

What about your MIT Summer Scholar experience was most enjoyable?
I really enjoyed working closely with graduate students in ARCO Career Development Professor William A. Tisdale’s lab and becoming part of the group for the summer. I also relished the chance to conduct independent research. This experience greatly contributed to my decision to pursue a graduate degree. 

Katharine Greco Hood 3369 July 2015 DP Web

Katharine Greco works with a three–necked flask for synthesizing core/shell quantum dots in the Tisdale Lab during her 2015 Summer Scholar internship. Greco synthesized up to 16 samples of quantum dots each week. Photo, Denis Paiste, Materials Research Laboratory.

How did your MIT Summer Scholars experience contribute to getting you where you are today?

The Summer Scholars program allowed me to expand my network at MIT, which I believe was a huge factor in my acceptance here. Additionally, my positive experience during the program encouraged me to come back for graduate school.

What are your future plans or ambitions?
I would like to work on the edge of research and industry by helping to deploy clean energy technologies.

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