Summer Scholars applications are due Feb. 16, 2018

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Mechanical engineering graduate student Caroline Wagner, right, explains lab equipment in the Ribbeck Lab for testing the microscopic mechanical properties of of biological gels such as mucus, to 2017  Summer Scholars, left, Luke P. Soule, Alexandra Oliveira, Stephanie E. Bauman, Amrita [Amy] Duggal and Gaetana H. Michelet. Ribbeck is exploring the basic science of self-healing polymer gels. Photo, Denis Paiste, MIT MRL

The MIT Materials Research Laboratory is currently accepting applications from undergraduate students for the annual Summer Scholars program, which will run from June 17 to August 11, 2018. The 12 Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) internships are supported, in part, through the National Science Foundation’s Materials Research Science and Engineering Centers program.

Interns will select their own projects from MIT faculty presentations given during the first few days of the program. Last year’s group, for example, participated in a diverse group of materials science, photonics, energy, and biomedical projects. The program, started in 1983, has brought hundreds of the best science and engineering undergraduates in the country to MIT for graduate-level materials research.

Past Summer Scholars have won prestigious graduate fellowships, been published as co-authors on MIT faculty-led research and achieved successful careers in industry and academia.

• After interning jointly under Professors Gareth McKinley and Katharina Ribbeck, Lucia Brunel (2017) was selected as a Marshall Scholar and plans to study materials science at Cambridge University after graduating from Northwestern University in June 2018. Brunel investigated the self-healing behavior of biological gels.

• Former Summer Scholars Ashley L. Kaiser (2016) and Alexander J. Constable (2015) were co-authors of a paper demonstrating a lower processing temperature for industrially important, glassy carbon led by Postdoc Itai Y. Stein and Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics Brian L. Wardle. Kaiser is now a materials science and engineering graduate student at MIT.

• Michael Concepción Santana (2016) received a 2017 New Faces of Engineering College Edition award from DiscoverE. Interning under David H. Koch Professor of Engineering Michael J. Cima, Concepción Santana synthesized hydrogels that can indicate changes in pH near a patient’s tumor in an MRI scan.

• Sarah Goodman (2013) interned under Dr. Anu Agarwal and Professor Lionel Kimerling, using scanning electron microscopy to examine samples of a mid-IR waveguide with potential use for sensors. Goodman was honored by the MIT Office of Graduate Education as one of its 2017 Graduate Women of Excellence, and is currently Graduate Student Council (GSC) President. She is a graduate student in the group of Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering Silvija Gradecak.

• Jessica [Shipman] Morrison (2010) went on to earn a PhD at Boston University, where she pioneered a new kind of controllable solid-state lighting using a micro-electromechanical system. In April 2017, Morrison became a fellow at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s Cyclotron Road incubator, where she hopes to advance her company, Helux Technologies.

Summer Scholar Michael Concepcion Hood 7099 Web
Summer Scholar Michael Concepción Santana works under a hood in the Cima Lab, where Concepción worked on pH sensitive MRI contrast agents during summer 2016. Photo, Denis Paiste, MIT MRL.

For more information about the Internship Program, please refer to the Summer Scholars portion of our website. The application deadline is February 16, 2018.

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January 25, 2018