Summer Scholar Update: Chris Moore Featured

2019 Summer Scholar Chris Moore hopes to pursue his interests in technology and policy.

During Summer 2019, Chris Moore experimented with an optical coupler for guiding light away from an integrated photonic chip in the lab of MIT Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering Juejun (JJ) Hu through the NSF-funded MIT MRL Research Experience for Undergraduates program.

What about your MIT MRL Summer Scholar experience was most enjoyable?

Everywhere I went on campus there was research on display and people were happy to discuss their methods. Our initial tours and research presentations were an excellent way to see the dynamic of each lab. Professor Hu asked for my input and ideas right after I was introduced to the device and physics I would be simulating. To expect "Do you have any questions?" and get "What ideas do you have?" is humbling and exciting at the same time. I know that I contributed more because of the encouragement and challenge presented by Professor Hu's group and the program in general.

How did your MIT MRL Summer Scholars experience contribute to getting you where you are today?

I was presented with and able to explore so much research that I was previously unaware of and it reassured me that research is my passion. My photonics research added a dimension to my understanding of what is capable in our current design space and I saw many future applications of that new freedom.

What awards have you received?

Before joining the MIT MRL Summer Scholars group last summer, Moore received multiple awards.

• Barry Goldwater Scholarship (2019)

• Mary Gates Research Scholarship (twice: 2017, 2019)

• Navy SEAL Foundation Scholarship (2019)

What graduate school program do you intend to pursue?

I am taking a year to decompress and examine the context of current American policy regarding telecommunications and renewable energies. The Technology and Policy Program at MIT would be especially engaging and collaborative to work with researchers across fields.

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