Summer Scholar Update: Alvin Chang Featured

2018 Summer Scholar Alvin Chang holds a sample of chalcogenide thin films with non-linear properties for photonics applications he created in the lab of MIT Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering Juejun (JJ) Hu. Chang varied the thickness across the film of two different compositions – GSS, or germanium antimony and sulfur, and GSSE, or germanium, antimony and selenium. Image, Denis Paiste, Materials Research Laboratory.

What graduate school will you be attending?

I plan to go to Cornell University for my PhD in Materials Science and Engineering. I will graduate this spring from Oregon State University, with a degree in Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering and a minor in Business and Entrepreneurship.

What awards have you received?

I will receive a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship through Cornell beginning in the fall of 2020 (second year of graduate school). I won an NSF Student Research Poster Competition First Place Award at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Fall 2018 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE).

What about your MIT Summer Scholar experience was most enjoyable?

My favorite parts of the experience were learning about optics, an interesting new field to me, and exploring Boston. I continued to work with postdoc Samuel Serna and MIT Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering Juejun (JJ) Hu on nonlinear GeSbSSe materials (chalcogenide glass compounds of germanium, antimony, sulfur and selenium). I traveled to the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory to do X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure measurements on the gradient samples I made at MIT.

How did your MIT Summer Scholars experience contribute to getting you where you are today?

It was my first experience with Materials Science and made me more interested in the field.

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