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The MRL will serve interdisciplinary groups of faculty researchers, spanning the spectrum of basic scientific discovery through engineering applications and entrepreneurship to ensure that research breakthroughs have an impact on society. Through its Collegium the MRL develops close relationships with member companies and supports interactions with individual or small groups of faculty identified as having research interests relevant to an organization’s interests. These interactions provide opportunities to develop research partnerships that are supported through a range of mechanisms. Collegium members are also provided previews of new research activities and initiatives and provide important feedback on topics and approaches of greatest interest to them.

Materials science research supported by the MRL includes materials for communication, information, health, energy, environment and transportation technologies. Research areas are focused on nanomaterials and nanotechnology, mechanics, electronics, biotechnology combined with computational modeling and simulation. The interdisciplinary nature of materials science means researchers are not only affiliated with the Department of Materials Science and Engineering but also the Departments of Physics and Chemistry, and the Departments of Biological, Chemical, Aeronautical and Astronautical, Mechanical, Electrical, and Nuclear Engineering.

  • Energy harvesting, conversion and storage
  • Quantum materials and spintronics
  • Metals processing
  • Solid-state ionics
  • Photonic devices and systems
  • Materials integration for microsystems
  • Complex biogels
  • Functional fibers
  • Materials modeling
  • Soft materials
  • Electronic properties of complex oxides
  • Materials systems and sustainability

Facilitation of meetings and sustained relationships
The MRL serves as a facilitator between your organization and MIT faculty members, their staff and students. We will facilitate one-on-one and small group on-campus meetings with faculty identified as having research interests relevant to your organization’s interests. We also facilitate long-term hosting of staff at MIT and development of collaborative research relationships.

Member only Access
Collegium members will have premium access to member only content which is available on the MRL website. Included are special seminars, invited speaker presentations, audio and video presentations, and meeting reports.

We invite your company to become a member of the Materials Research Laboratory Industry Collegium. As a Collegium member, your company will receive premium access to member only briefing materials and information via our website, periodic publications, research activity highlights, invitations to workshops, conferences and symposia, support for research staff visits on-campus, facilitation of corporate meetings and events and customized interactions with MIT students. To join the collegium contact:


Mark Beals
Associate Director, MRL
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