Building 13 conference rooms are available for use by the members of the MIT community under the management and supervision of the Materials Research Laboratory.

Room Features

  • Capacity: 15
  • Set-up: Boardroom style seating
  • Key/Card Access: To activate your card, email Lars Lorente llorente@mit.edu with your MIT ID and the room number.
  • Installed projector with table-top inputs and screen

Usage terms and conditions:

  • All users must take responsibility for the setup and breakdown of the room. All furniture must be placed back in the way it was found.
  • All catering items must be removed and trash placed in garbage receptacles.
  • If any accidental spills of food or beverages occurs in the room, it is the user’s responsibility to clean up the mess.  If cleanup is not possible please contact Gina Franzetta at gfranzet@mit.edu or  617-253-6850.
  • The person reserving the room will be considered the responsible party and responsible for damage to the room and its contents.
  • Users who do not adhere to these rules may be prevented from future use of the room.
  • All doors to the room should be shut and locked when you leave the room.
  • Food deliveries are the responsibility of the group or person using the room and set up time should be built into the room reservation time.
  • Long-term reservations such as full semester bookings are allowed, however on rare occasions there could be an urgent need to use the conference room (ex. government site visit). If this occurs Gina Franzetta will contact the person who booked the room and will help find a suitable substitute.
  • No more than one group meeting will be allowed per week, however single one-off meetings will be allowed.
  • Installing permanent signs, logos or other materials specific to individuals or groups using these rooms is not allowed and must be approved by the MRL director.
  • If your plans change and no longer need the room, please cancel the reservation as soon as possible or contact Gina Franzetta at gfranzet@mit.edu or 617-253-6850.